Sculpture Sculpture on the wall...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John Paul was visiting from NYC this weekend, so we did a little flea market shopping. Along with the incredible 80's lucite lamp he scored (and had to haul back in his carry on), I got this fabulous brass wall-hung sculpture. 

Perfect for over the mantel.  It still has to be hung up, instead of propped up, but we got inspired and did a little accessorizing.  And found some other items from throughout the house for the coffee table.

And then moved the chairs to in front of the window. 

Of course we now need some sort of upholstered daybed between the coffee table and dining table, but one thing at a time - the slat bench will work in the meantime.


  1. Good score! Looks like palmetto branchs. The living room looks better and better. I still like the orange and gray. No one else is doing this combo, keep it up.

  2. well now we have to get our new sofa reupholstered because the Sofa Company totally screwed up. And the grey fabric is out of stock - so we will see what it ends up being. Hopefully it's something close - otherwise it may be orange and navy or orange and tobacco