Pickle it, jam it, chutney it....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So our Loquat tree is starting to drip with fruit.  Well, maybe droop is the right word.  I helped ease its burden today by picking a few.  The question is though, what to do with them.  They tend to be a little sour.  And I'm not really much of a sweet food jam/jelly type of person.  Perhaps a pork dish with loquat reduction?  Any other ideas?


  1. So, I tried loquat jam years ago, when my tree was in a similar state. Way too many big seeds. But what about loquat liquor? Add to good vodka and let steep?

  2. I was looking for loquat recipes and found your blog. If you still have your tree, they should be in season now, and here is a great way to make good use of loquats!


    I tried this last season and everyone loved it!