Weekend Update

Monday, May 10, 2010

This weekend
Scott discovered a rose bush behind the house and clipped this cute little sucker for me.

We installed a new pendant in our study (in lieu of the 70's remnant faux wood ceiling fan that was there before).

Harvested some loquats out the wazzoo

Put the new cushions on the outdoor furniture.... and then took an outdoor nap!



  1. Love how the patio looks.

    And seeing your pendant just reminds me that we still haven't put up our Ikea ones. We are really terrible.

  2. Next time I am in Philly I am hanging them up for you. you just need to buy a canopy hanging kit from home depot since the ones from IKEA are meant to be plug in I think (that is what we did with the one in our study). You already have j-boxes in the ceiling right?