Up, Down, and Around

Friday, October 8, 2010

Recently, my dad forwarded me an article from the New York Times about the newly opened D'Espresso Coffee Bar near Bryant Park's New York Public Library. The designer Anurag Nema took the idea of the traditional library and turned it on end, creating custom printed ceramic floor tiles with a bookshelf image and putting the floor and ceiling on what are actually the walls.
photo courtesy of New York Times

It reminds me of 2008's Viktor & Rolf store in Milan which does the same thing plus another 90 degrees and turns the entire interior upside down.
photos courtesy of coolboom.net

Should we be on the lookout for more up-ended interiors in the near future?


  1. i could do the bookshelves totally. (great interior!) but the upside-down viktor and rolf - getting a little nauseous already!

    thanks for coming by with great comments and info (last weeks note). and you are totally ahead of me on the gardening too. cheers!

  2. how refreshing!! to throw your perspective against the wall and still walk through it and order a java and scone! love this post:)

  3. love it when someone steps outside the box!