Who's your daddy?

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's true - my dad is on facebook.  Although I think he'd rather not be since he doesn't like the random friend requests and only checks his account quarterly.  But even more savvy of him, is that he started a blog recently... way to follow in my footsteps dad ;)

As a Texan who has lived in Asia for 17 years, he has aptly named his blog Texasia - up to you whether you want to pronounce it Tex-Asia, or Texas-ia, although the former has a better ring. The general gist is a forum for his thoughts on Asia and the US and related issues in the political, social, cultural and environmental realms.  Check it out.  For some, his ideas may seem opinionated or controversial. For others, eye opening and horizon widening.  Hopefully they are thought provoking either way.  Feel free to peruse and leave a comment.

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