Color overload

Monday, March 21, 2011

Part of the reason why I took a little blogging break last week is that I've encountered a bit of color overload in my life.  In the quest to come up with blog content, seek out new readers, sponsors and giveaways, and check out the competition, I've sort of OD'd on color.  I know it's hard to believe.  People like Jamie Mears from Isuwanee have the ability to be all color all the time which is amazing to me and something I really appreciate.  I'm not afraid of color and have no problem using it in other people's spaces, but I think I'm entering my Neutral period - especially for my own home.

Blogging, if anything exposes you to tons of styles and trends and can sort of take you off track if you don't already have a strong style - and I've always been a little schizophrenic, liking mid century, empire, regency, psychadelic, and even the occasional rustic shabby chic item.  In the end though following the rainbow a little too far has made me realize what my true style and palette are.  So, while I love the colorful Ikat pillows and the dash of orange in the painting that I've added to my living room, I think I'm all oranged out (as in when I think about it, it makes me a bit nauseated) and it's time to relocate these items and create a more serene space. Currently, I'm loving the feel of this ad from Dennis & Leen.  Collected, sophisticated, soothing and natural.
And this inviting contemporary interior from Thom Filicia
What's your color personality?


  1. So interesting--I am all color, all the time, but JUST last night, i was reading the House Beautiful book on color, and found myself so attracted to all the beautiful, calm, serene, neutrals. I didn't connect this to the fact that my blog, and my blog-reading, is fairly new, but I wonder....

    Love your inspiration pics.

  2. I've decided I'm schitzo when it comes to color and I just need two houses. One colorful, one nuetral so I can live in whatever one I'm in the mood for. Blogging definitely doesn't help the design crazies.
    I swing through nuetral phases, but then I get bored and add color again. Vicious cycle.

  3. Beautiful spaces. I am always torn between a room full of color and the serenity of a neutral room. It is so hard to decide, both are beautiful and have their place in design.

  4. I love the sense of serenity in these photos. Feels like I could curl up in any of these rooms and be right at home.