One more day

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To enter my IKAT PILLOW GIVEAWAY.  Don't miss out!


  1. Hey! I REALLY like that big painting. And it's a good idea to live with it while you think about what it needs next. It is the perfect scale for the room and the ceiling height. (So handy you had it!) The ikat cushions look lovely in there. I would lobby aggressively for these cushions but I'm attempting a purge of yellow from my house. (Nothing personal, Mr. Yellow - it's just a moment!)

  2. Ha - no worreis - maybe I'll do another giveaway of a different color. Yeah - we bought the big canvas specifically for that space. Buying an actual work of art from someone in that scale seemed out of the budget.

  3. count me in, i'm always having an ikat moment somewhere in this house!