Guest Post: Small Shop Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanks to Erika from Small Shop for her awesome gift guide for the hostess with the mostest.  I'm definitely inspired to do a little entertaining:

Hello nesters! It's Erika from small shop, happy to be filling in for new mommy Jess. I've been having a ball creating these little gift guides, so it was a piece of cake to create one for all of the holiday hostesses in our lives! Cheers to them, they deserve something special this season!
[ 1 ] Furbish leopard tray, $42 [ 2 ] C.Wonder tortoise old fashioned, $10 [ 3 ] DVF green zebra coasters, $25 [ 4 ] jingle bell wine charms (set of 10 colors), $12.95 [ 5 ] Kate Spade appetizer plates, $50 [ 6 ] Anthropologie disposable polka dot napkins on a roll, $28 [ 7 ] C.Wonder DIY Stationery Kit, $24 [ 8 ] Leif glitter tart server, $20 [ 9 ] St. Germain liquer, $29.99 and Hendrick's Gin $28.99
Happy Holidays!


  1. Lovely gift guide! I'm secretly loving the liquor gifts the most...the bottles are so chic!! :)

  2. I just told my husband that I would love a bottle of St. Germain for our bar. The one you selected is so pretty! Nice compilation. And Jess, your image should be up on my sidebar now. :)

  3. Love 1, 2 and 8 !! They all make fabulous gifts !


  4. I will throw a party in hopes that someone buys me that leopard tray!

  5. Ooh, maybe I should host just so someone can gift me the leopard tray. How do I let my guests know I've registered for hostess gifts? :)

  6. I'll be so happy with any of these, especially those plates and the polka dot napkins, they are so gorgeous!