Workwear Essentials

Monday, January 23, 2012

As you can see from the previous post, Bryan is quite a cutie. It's hard to leave him behind and go back to the cruel reality of work.  But there's no getting around it.  A cute work casual outfit is the perfect pick-me-up for the 8 hours away from little Bryan.
[1] Banana Republic Faceted Drop Earring
[2] Modcloth Upwardly Mobile Satchel
[3] Modcloth Downtown Diner Jacket
[4] Banana Republic Enameled Geo Bangle
[5] Modcloth Drawing Parallels Dress
[6] Frosted Willow Woodland Bracelets
[7]J Crew Classic Leather Ballet Flat


  1. Wanted to say that your baby is the CUTEST little guy. Your video of him is absolutely precious, also sorry that the mcguire table didn't work out for you, but please come back soon and don't forget to bring the little one too!!! Congrats on a great blog.

    1. Thanks Angela! I always like stopping in to your space! didn't realize you recognized me. I was super bummed about the table - it turned out to be too large. But I'll keep hunting!