Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm not the gambling type, but back when the mega-millions jackpot hysteria was happening I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a ticket.  If anything, buying a lottery ticket gave me the license to daydream for a few days.  If I could have my dream life, what would it be?  Which got me thinking, why not create a lifestyle board on pinterest that captures the life I'm striving for in images.  Granted, winning the jackpot and creating realistic life goals are not one and the same. If I won the lottery I'd have to figure out where I'd want all of my various abodes to be and what sort of charitable foundation I'd like to start. In reality though, I'd love to live in one city that has most everything I'm looking for and the luxury of time to devote to the purposes I hold dear.

So here it is.  It doesn't really say all that much about career and family goals.  I actually think I'm doing pretty well in those departments and am on the right track.  So let's just call this more of an adult game of MASH and a sort of visual life mood board if you will. 

The general picture? Living in a brownstone in Brooklyn with just enough outdoor space for entertaining and for the kid(s) to play.  A stones throw from Manhattan and a short jaunt or bike ride to all the great parks, restaurants and other amenities that Brooklyn has to offer.  And of course running my own home-based design business including my hardware line. What sort of concept board would you create for your life?

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