Hello New York!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I took this photo this weekend out on a date for our 8th wedding anniversary. Based on the title of the post, one might think that I took this in Manhattan.  In fact, we were in downtown LA.  We stopped in at Perch for a roof top cocktail, had dinner at Baco Mercat on Main and dessert at Artisan House. That little pocket of Main Street in downtown had a definite New York vibe.  The funny thing is that we seldom go to downtown LA for dinner and we just made a big decision to move back to the East Coast to the NY area. So it seemed ironic that we were just now discovering this New Yorky neighborhood in LA on the cusp of our big move.  It's with mixed emotions that we leave our wonderful house, our amazing nanny, the beautiful LA weather, and all the friends we've made out here (although we know we will continue to see them).  But we're very excited about this next stage and the opportunities that lay ahead.  The Eagle's Nest will still continue as a blog.  Just bear with me as I prep our house for sale, shuttle back and forth between LA and New York and deal with the logistics of moving an entire house, 7 month old baby, cat and cars from one coast to the other.  And as luck would have it one of the places we are considering living in NJ has an "Eagle Rock Reservation" next to it.  Need to find out more, but perhaps it was meant to be!