Exterior paint colors

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So, I promised some progress / concept on the house exterior.  I had a tiny bit of time last week between packing for a family reunion, getting things squared away before closing, figuring out part time child care, etc etc etc.... to get some photoshopping done.  Here is what the house looks like now (photo care of my dad).

And here is what I'm sort of envisioning. 
The siding is vinyl, which I've found out can easily be painted. The issue is that if you paint it much darker than the original color it can absorb too much heat and cause the vinyl to warp.  So I'm thinking maybe a slightly lighter grey with some black trim around the windows and a pop of color on the door. So more photoshopping on that later....


  1. Love the bright yellow door hinting at what I know will be lots of color inside! (and black)

  2. Paneling is sometimes glued on, in these cases you will not be able to remove it without tearing up the drywall paper facing under it. You will also have glue ridging to smooth out with patching compound. color changing paint