Exterior Paint Colors Round Two

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So a few weeks back I posted a photoshopped version of the outside of our new house.  Right now it's sort of a dirty off white. I was considering painting it grey, but in reality, the charcoal that I would prefer is too dark for painting vinyl siding (supposedly dark colors can absorb heat and cause the siding to warp). 

So in re-thinking the colors, my new solution is to power wash the outside and cross my fingers that the white is brighter and less dirty. Then all we have to do is paint the shutters and trim black and dark grey and do a nice yellow / avocado door. Sort of an updated farmhouse feel. I think combined with some better landscaping this will look nice and fresh. And of course a pale blue ceiling on the porch adds a touch of cool and a nod to tradition.




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