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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My husband, Babyman, and I were sitting down to dinner when the subject of style came up (honestly, I forget how).  Babyman said, "But Mommy, you don't have style!"  My husband rushed to my defense: "You would be surprised, Babyman.  In some circles, Mommy is known for her style."
"Do I have style, Mommy?" asked Babyman, suddenly concerned.
"You have a signature look, my love.  You have a personal style." (Babyman exclusively wears "cozy pants" and graphic tees, preferably of the Cars-Toy Story-Star Wars variety.)
"But do I have BIG style?" he pressed.
I guess the apple falls closer to the tree than I thought.

So here it is, my ode to my son, and his big big style (Grey long sleeve crew, Star Wars Hoodie, Puffer Vest, Old Navy Fleece Pants, Converse Sneakers).

For Mamma, The local designers at Curator keep it real from their lovely Mission shop.  Let's call it "vegan": this faux bomber is low-commitment and trendy. Hats hide all manner of sins (when was the last time you actually styled your hair, Stylin' Mamma?). Keep 'em guessing with an edgy accessory
A pair of skinnies and some can-do boots and you're ready to rumble (or tumble, or chase, or climb...)
 - Jaime

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