Dining Room - another fiddle leaf fig

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Those of you who have been following along know my love of fiddle leaf figs. I love the sculptural nature of their leaves and their tree form. They are such a great way to bring green into a space and add something tall and dramatic in a corner.   I knew I wanted one in our house and the dining room seemed like the right place for a fig.  I had started calling around for some pricing and it seemed like the fig that I wanted in the size that I wanted would cost upward of 200 bucks!  Ouch!  I had been lucky in LA to find one at Home Depot that fit the bill.  No luck here. Then the other day I was at Morris County Farms with my neighbor shopping for outdoor plants when I stumbled the perfect specimen for around $80.  I loaded her into the car and brought her home.  Buying the tree at a reputable place (as opposed to Home Depot) meant that I got some pointers as well. Figs like sun - at least filtered sun. So far she is doing well in her chosen spot.  They also don't like to be repotted - a mistake I made with our last one.  So I've kept the pot and placed it in one of these great Suzanne Kasler baskets (a set of three meant a great big one I use to corral Bryan's massive ball collection) with a little moss over top that I got at Michael's.  So far Bryan is less impressed with the moss than he was with the dirt around the plant (fingers crossed) and it is looking fab in the room.  Can't wait to add some draperies and a bar cart to really add some extra drama.


  1. gorgeous against the gray wall! and i have a tree in a basket too, without the moss...gotta try that...looks so much more finished!

  2. Beautiful! My brother and I were thinking about getting my mom a tree for mother's day. I'm definitely going to keep this one in mind! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks perfect in your space! I'm so planning on getting one for our landing as soon as our never ending renovation is done! Thanks for the tips on caring for them!

  4. I just treated myself to a fiddle fig tree for my birthday. Besides needing lots of filtered light (south being best) they also HATE being left in standing water. If the leaves go yellow, then brown, it is getting too much water. If they go straight to brown, too little.
    That tree looks fabulous in your dining room against the blue-black walls and I actually really like the look without curtains, although I realize that can be tricky sometimes if you want some privacy from your neighbors.
    Your house looks good :)