Stylin' Mammas: When Life Calls for a Robot...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It started with a robot, followed quickly by a wedding invitation.

Please have your child bring in a shoebox to use for the Robot Parade, read the memo from LittleMan's teacher.  The boxes, the note explained, would be sprayed silver and decorated for a Robot Parade in honor of "R" week.

"Hey, babe?  Do we have any shoeboxes?" I called down the hall as I hastily packed up LittleMan's backpack.
"Um, in your closet!" he called back.  Touche.
"Those are IN USE!" I sassed back.  Obviously, I would need to go shoe shopping before the end of the day.  Fortunately, I had my eye on these killer floral pumps, AND they were on sale.  
The wedding invitation then came in the mail, and the bride and groom are doing the "romantic" thing and giving us all rather short notice.  Mommy needs an outfit to go with her new shoes.  But again, Fortune smiles on me as I've been looking for a reason to own this cotton dress.  Full and elegant, but easily dressed down...perfect.

For a casual (hasty?) summer wedding, I'll pair with a woven clutch in a vibrant color, a mod turquoise necklace, and hair up in a topknot.

To justify the purchase, I can easily wear the dress on a weekend with some gladiator flats, stacked bangles, a pop-of-color belt, and a cross-body bag.
We Stylin' Mammas.  There's nothing we can't handle.

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