More Roman Shades

Friday, May 17, 2013

After the success of the bathroom roman shade experiment I decided to try my hand at doing a set of 3 roman shades for Bryan's room.  Again, I love romans for kids rooms because they free up space under the windows for furniture and as long as you keep your cords controlled with a cleat, there is no worrying about climbing, pulling down etc.  Here is what the room looked like before with its temporary paper shades.  There are the romans getting ready to go on the floor. Note to self: temporary shades are called temporary for a reason - if you leave them on your windows for 7 months, they WILL take paint off with them). 

Because this project was a bedroom, I decided to line my shades with a privacy room darkening lining - I figured if Jenny from Little Green Notebook could do it, then so could I.  I thought that since the pattern had a clear horizontal and vertical it would make it easier to cut and measure - you know, like that wrapping paper with the grid lines on the back.  The issue though was that this linen was particularly "shifty" so to speak and didn't want to be ironed or sewn straight.  Add to that an extra layer with the lining and things got a little wonky.  You can see that at the bottom of the new shades there is some waviness.

Luckily I have a fix for the bottom. I made these shades according to Jenny's tutorial and there is a flat panel at the bottom below the wooden slat.  And the shades are also longer than the windows. My plan is to fold up the bottom hem and glue it to the back of the slat making it more of a relaxed roman like what we had in our Brooklyn apartment.  More on that when I'm done.  In the meantime, I've totally happy with the results. They keep the light out and Bryan slept for a whole hour longer this morning than he normally does. Hurrah!

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  1. jessica it looks so good. I can't believe how expensive custom romans can cost.. I may be copying you so I can at least finally get something up. PS - I love that light fixture. Hope all is well with you.