I Swear I'm Done With Roman Shades

Friday, July 5, 2013

But there was one final thing in the bathroom.  When I did those roman shades I had mentioned adding a contrasting band to tie in with the shower curtain on the opposite side. Well, while I was in the city selecting my awesome minty trim for the chair reupholstery project I picked up a nice charcoal flat trim for the shades. After doing the living room shades, I knew not to use too much glue - even though Fabritac is my new best friend.  So on this shade I actually glued the trim on with the shade hanging in place (since it was already installed). I only glued in a few key places to tack it down and allow it to fold better.  And used some paper clips to hold it up to dry. Here it is in progress.

I think it looks pretty nice for a 15 minute job!  Really makes it look more tailored and gives it a pop.

1 comment:

  1. The trim does look nice, you did the corners so neatly! The fabric also looks like it lets in a good amount of light too.