The Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, our house is going to be in the November issue of Women's Day Magazine - due out on newstands in October.  So excited about this!  The shoot happened this past Thursday and it was great fun. Everyone from the crew was amazing and I really enjoyed seeing how everything works behind the scenes (also, still making our way through the mounds of food that the caterers left). Unfortunately I can't post photos that reveal anything about the spaces in their fully styled glory, but I thought I'd show you a couple of fun shots.

Here is the crazy bazaar that was our back deck after the stylist showed up.  Sort of like being at a sample sale. Of course, I wanted half of these items for my already over-accessorized home and also wanted Ed the stylist's job (although I don't imagine waking up at 4 to go the flower district to be something that would work well with a toddler's schedule).

Here is the crew (stylist, assistant, editor, photographer) convening about the bedroom shoot.  Note that the photographer is wedged into the closet next to my shoes - I only hope that they didn't stink!

I have to give props to the photographer David Land as well since not just because he lived in my closet for close to an our but also because he did such an amazing job capturing Bryan in our spaces and also making me laugh (which is hard to do and even harder to capture on film).  Also worth mentioning is the amazing hair and makeup artist Aki Maekubo who made me look like a domestic diva.  Aki, can you please come over and do my hair and makeup every day?  And of course my lovely mother for keeping Bryan occupied and out of my hair for the very long day.

That said, it's nice that the shoot is done and that so many house projects are done as a result.  I'll certainly be taking a hiatus from any large projects for a while.   I think focusing on watering my sunflowers is more my speed for the rest of the summer (and of course completing a few client projects).  But don't fret; I'm sure I'll be back at it, getting the office and basement all primped and ready-to-go before you know it.  In the meantime, more sneak peeks at what I accomplished prior to the shoot.