Weekend Reupholstery Project

Monday, July 1, 2013

I've been thinking about reupholstering my cane back chairs pretty much since I got them back at the Pasadena Antiques Mall. Of course, the pink sort of worked with the color scheme in our LA living room, but here in NJ they were just popping in the wrong way.  After spending hours perusing Spoonflower I found this fabulous fabric (sort of an abstracted quartz pattern) that I thought was the perfect scale for these chairs. I got this amazing fabric for the wing chair so there will be a nice contrast.  I'd primed my dining room table on Saturday but Sunday was just too wet and humid to do any painting.  So it seemed like the perfect time to get out the staple gun and fabric.  I followed Jenny from LGN's DIY turtorial for reupholstering a chair and I have to say it was SO much easier than the roman shade project.  Here I am all set up (including the requisite coffee) on the porch.

I started by pulling off the old self-welt. 

Then I removed the fabric and staples and used the original fabric as a guide for cutting.
Per Jenny's instructions I started stapling the hardest parts first which for me were around the arms.  I used a hammer to make sure the staples were in securely. I also found that a light duty staple gun worked better than a heavy duty gun with longer staples.
Once all the stapling and tacking was complete I trimmed my fabric and used a single staple and then fabritac to glue on the trim starting on the arms and then going around the base from the back.  

I love how this minty trim dresses up the abstract fabric and also ties into the mint touches now appearing throughout the living room.  I also love how the new Kelly Wearstler Pillow from Spark Modern works on the chair.


  1. they look great! I love the abstract pattern, and that is is subtle. and the contrasting trim a really pretty detail.

  2. I love the shape of those chairs! And the fabric and mint combo is awesome! Nicely done.