Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Now that Jessica's family is growing, I thought it appropriate to feature a really cool playroom.

This awesome space, via Depto 51, could either be just a really fun living room or a great playroom. It's like a great animated movie that event the parents enjoy.

There's that modern sofa that looks great, but would also be fun to sprawl out on and watch a movie. All the decorative pillows just pile on the personality. And the lighting... wow!

Here's how to get this cool look, for you and the kids....
Typographical Art / Lamps Plus
Framed Art / Crate & Barrel
Pendants / 
Nesting Dolls / Precious Little Things
Wall Light / Lamps Plus
Sofa / All Modern
Area Rug / Loom Rugs
Coffee Table / Danish Design Store
Accent Chair / Ikea
Pillows / 


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