Stylin' Mamma: Beating Blues with Blues

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sometimes you reach a point when you are just DONE.  

This morning, after a fabulous dinner party with old friends and with three days to go until our official summer vacation, all four of the people in our family woke up DONE.  DONE with work, DONE with camp, DONE with the muggy, foggy weather, DONE with the 5:30am gym routine and the lunch boxes and the rushing everybody through brushing their teeth and putting on shoes.  

It's time to go.  But we have three days to fight through.  So we moped through breakfast and I dropped off the kiddos, glum faces staring up at me, and then raced home to get dressed for work.  It's summer casual in the office and I found myself reaching, as I always do, for denim.  Beat the blues with blues, I say.  Beat the blues with blues. (And neutral shoes.)