Stylin' Mamma: New Uniform

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Every Stylin' Mamma knows that sometimes you just gotta make some changes in order to keep yourself sane.  Maybe it means hiring a cleaning service once a month or signing up with Instacart (trust me on the Instacart, BTW -- game changer).  Maybe it means a new nanny, a new job, a new investment in a gym membership.
For yours truly, that time is now.  It's August and I'm officially Self-Employed, a move both frightening and liberating as I sit in my living room in my gym clothes on a Monday morning and tap away at a freelance job.  

I did a rather unsentimental closet purge yesterday, forcing myself to consider this new identity from a wardrobe perspective.  I need to be prepared to look good for work, but suddenly the basics are more in-demand than the Big Meeting one-offs.  

I'm taking LittleMan back-to-school shopping on Friday (hello, Kindergarten!) and as I ponder what I might need to throw in the bag for myself I'm obsessing over flexibility and comfort -- what can I wear at home, wear to a lunch meeting, wear to the park?  After all, this is about simplifying our lives...

Blazers:  1 black, 1 white.
Shift Dresses: 1 edgy, 1 conservative
Trousers: 1 skinny stretch will go the distance.
T-shirts: find your perfect fit and buy one in each of black, white, gray.
That Special Something...that takes it up a notch: Top, necklace