Guestroom Art

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recently I got a couple of pieces of art framed for the guestroom.  I bought these in Stanley Market in HK and I think the framing probably cost 10 times as much as the paintings themselves.  I also bought the great Oriental style picture hanging hardware at Stanley Market.  I love how it completes the look.  One day when I start my import export business I will include this hardware in the inventory.


  1. LOVE Stanley, Stanley Market, Stanley Mkt hanging hardware! When will you be starting this import/export biz? (Let me know!)

    Thanks for the heads up re: Pasadena antiques - have buzzed by but never stopped in. Now I guess I have to.

  2. Yeah! Well, the original plan was to marry a rich expat and start an import export business. Unless my husband turns rich or gets an overseas job number 1 is not happening. Perhaps the import export business could still materialize.