Simple Fun Bikes

Friday, July 30, 2010

Scott forwarded me to the Public Bikes website yesterday.  These are great practical 3 and 8 speed bikes designed for urban living.  I love that they aren't as cheesy as the pastel colored big beach cruisers we see around LA and they're not so techy sporty as our modern day hybrid bikes.   They're easier to handle, more durable than your typical road bike and they still have a vintage vibe.  Plus the pedals and splash guards make them great for whatever footwear and garb you might be sporting that day.

We have similar bikes from the 70's that we bought for about $100 - a fraction of the cost - back when we lived in Brooklyn.  Granted, they had to be refurbished so the overall investment was more, but still less than the $850 price tag for these.  AND ours have in hub shifters so the chain doesn't fall out or dirty your pants when shifting.  Check out your local craigslist for old bikes that you can rejuvenate. 

Also on the Public Bikes site are various accessories that you can purchase.  This helmet is way better than the crazy aerodynamic space age helmet that I currently sport while on my retro ride.