Friday, November 12, 2010

So another former roommate, this one in New York, just bought a new condo and I'm helping her with some furniture selections.  I asked her to describe her taste, and along with some key designers like Calvin Klein, who she loves, she also sent me a list of her dislikes.  In particular, and in her own words, she expressed the following: I can't stand "styling like what this store has. this page is particularly offensive, but the whole site makes me ill".  

First off, telling someone what you don't like is a great way to help them get a better idea of your taste.

Secondly, I completely concur. Now furnishings has a wide array of "contemporary" furniture that seems to hearken back to the early 90's.... not so now
A word to the wise, if you're going modern, stick to places like Room & Board and Design Within Reach or their more affordable cousins CB2 and West Elm.  Some examples of better options:

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