Welcome Home!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our real estate agent Charlie Clark, did a great job listening to what we wanted in a house and finding us our wonderful Eagle Rock chalet. We adore our location and are trying to convince all our friends to move to our area. And we think we've found the perfect little place for those of you who want to join us in our little slice of LA. 
It's a 1700 square foot newly renovated bungalow, priced to sell at $499,000.  The owners did a great job with the finish seletions, creating a light, airy and inviting space.
The landscaping look great as well and the native plantings should keep those water bills down!
Take a look and give Charlie a holler if you're interested. 


  1. Um, YES PLEASE!!!!! Sign us up! (How many bedrooms?)

  2. Two bedrooms I think. Although a fish eye lens does wonders. The location is not super great, but I will keep looking for you!

  3. I know. Those pesky fish-eyes. Dangit. I like the new open house you posted!