Trend Alert!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So, while on jury duty this week, I had the opportunity to peruse the most recent few issues of Elle Magazine.  Apparently the newest trend to hit the fall runways was fur on fur on fur.  Yes, that lady there on the left is from the Chanel fall show.  I think the outfit is incredibly slimming.
The big debate amongst the fashion set, though, is whether one is supposed to take the trend in the Wookie direction or the Bigfoot / Abominable Snowman direction.
Of course, as an avid reader of Skymall, I already knew about the Yeti trend. Might have to add this guy to my Amazon wish list for Christmas.


  1. I'm so with you on this one: "tonight I'm going to head out in my best Yeti style"......HUH?!

    also on local hangouts, we love the Stella, Lazy Ox, and York but Auntie Em's never seems to be open when we're going past on a Sat. p.m.! Sadly I love the cheese shop offerings but I find them hostile in there - is it just me?

    that bungalow in E.R. is so cute! have a great time in China!

  2. Hilarious -- love the skymall reference.

    Great Blog!

    -David Rietz

  3. Thats an intriguing job. It was designer temporary your blog. Expectation to see again.

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