Blogger Style Challenge: Emily's Elegant Attire

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello all!  I'm Emily from Recently, here to share an outfit that will have any new mommy going back to work in style!
I think a new mom should definitely try to invest in some key pieces that will make her feel gorgeous, but at the same time be forgiving and figure flattering.  She can add color with accessories, and find a bag that will hold all of her essentials, which somehow multiply once a little one is in the picture!  Above all, she should go easy on herself for a while.  It takes time to get used to this job we call motherhood.  I'm not sure I'm used to it yet,  even after eight years!!

8. Madewell leopard print pump
9. Madewell Meadowlark Skirt

Jess, thanks so much for having me for your style challenge!


  1. Such a comfy chic outfit! Thanks so much for the love!


  2. Love Emily's blog. Her posts are always so on-point. Oh how those Madewell leopard shoes taunt me. I haven't yet decided if I should make the purchase. Every time I see them, I get a tad bit closer.