Dining Delicacies

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honestly, I'm not sure why I keep trying to do these alliterative post titles.  Kind of silly, right?  I swear "Dining Delicacies" is my last one and I'm on to more sophisticated and mature post names.  In any case, I've shown you the Master Bedroom and Family Room that I helped my friends with. The dining space is the final area that they asked me to give them ideas for. They'd bought this beautiful table and chairs from Restoration Hardware and specifically requested a flocked damask wallpaper, so it was a pretty easy space to do (don't you love clients that know what they want?).  The rest was just a matter of creating some drama with dark walls and having some simple drapery that doesn't compete.  I think it works nicely with the other two "rustic industrial chic" spaces that we've created thus far.
[3] Client Sourced Black Flocked Wallcovering

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