Blogger Style Challenge: Jess's Curated Prep

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today Jess from Curating Style is here for the Blogger Style Challenge showing us her idea of mom style.  Thanks Jess for the great contribution.  I'd love to kick around in this springtime getup.

This outfit, though geared for a mom who is constantly on the go, is perfect for running errands or a weekend brunch date with girlfriends. Stylish yet comfortable, this is a no-fuss, preppy-inspired outfit for busy ladies.

[ 1 ] Cape Madras tunic
[ 2 ] BaubleBar knot studs
[ 3 ] kate spade new york bangle watch
[ 4 ] Dooney & Bourke nylon tote
[ 5 ] J.Crew pants
[ 6 ] LAUREN by Ralph Lauren mods

1 comment:

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