MEET THE TEAM: The Other Jessica Davis

Monday, December 15, 2014

Back at the beginning of the year (well, actually, a couple months into the year) I posted about my business new years resolutions. The primary resolution I had was to delegate. With a baby on the way and an expanding business I knew there was no way for me to continue going it alone while keeping my head above water.  At the time of writing the post I had just hired a contract employee to help me with fulfillment, systems, admin and all the other stuff that I don't have time to do.  Funnily her name is also Jessica Davis.  Jessica Burne Davis that is.  Being that I am Jessica Ahnert Davis, we now have Jessica A and Jessica B.  Luckily she agreed to go by her maiden name Jessica Burne to avoid confusion at work :)

Now that we are nearing the end of 2014 and Jessica is officially part of the Nest Studio Team, I though I'd take this opportunity to introduce you to her. And here she is!
I'm sure she is mortified that I posted a large picture of her face here - although I think she looks pretty incredible.  For those of you who may have placed orders for our hardware or called with questions, Jessica Burne is most likely the person you communicated with.  As I mentioned back in my business resolutions post, Jessica is ridiculously overqualified for the job.  She worked for many years at JP Morgan as a consultant and then helped start their Private Bank Art Advisory Group. Jessica describes herself as an "art market sponge" and while working on that side of the business took every opportunity to visit client's homes and see their amazing art collections.  That said, Jessica says that the only downside to her job at JP Morgan was that "after admiring museum-quality works up close, my own taste level has exceed my budget infinitely.  My walls are decorated with family pictures and art from the kids because I cannot get myself to buy, what I call, CHART (cheap art)."  Jessica is also a self-proclaimed Microsoft Excel Geek.  According to her, there is nothing like a good spreadsheet to keep things organized. She uses Excel to manage everything from birthday RSVP's to dinner party food lists to garden plans.    

Here is a photo of Jessica and her beautiful family, along with some other fun stats

Currently hails from: Livingston, NJ 

Grew up: in London and along the East Coast of the US, moving often for her father's job

Attended: Lehigh University

Married to: Andrew Brian Davis (funnily, Jess A's husband Scott's middle name is also Bryan!)

Kids: Madeline 9 and Gabrielle 6

Loves: Family time; warm weather; beaches - lake and ocean equally; a good book; learning a new hobby (currently yoga and photography)

Guilty pleasures: Drinking a glass of wine during kids' bath time, listening to explicit version rap songs while exercising, buying too many shoes for her very difficult to find size 11 narrow feet

Hopes / dreams: To raise her daughters to be confident, successful, and empowered women; watching her major house renovation become a reality; helping Nest Studio grow into a hardware design powerhouse :)  

I hope you enjoyed meeting the other Jessica Davis (as our kids fondly call us both). As our business grows we hope to introduce you to more additions to the Nest Studio family!

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