Stylin' Mamma: Stumped

Monday, December 29, 2014

Stylin' Mamma has been a little stumped lately on what to write about.  Another post on holiday dressing?  Another post on clothes that do double-duty?  Sigh.  Such is the life of the blogger: we write all the time, and we inevitably go through phases where we get a little one-note.

So here's what's new with me: I've launched a lifestyle website dedicated to the 4th Trimester mama.  It's called postmodyrn and I'm so honored that Jess has agreed to contribute to our home/decorating section.  Definitely scoot over and check out her posts if you have a minute (I particularly like her tips on maximizing your space)...they really transcend the 4th Trimester and are relevant to all kinds of moms (and people in general).

But back to style.  This is San Francisco, home of tech startups.  So now that I'm overseeing my own little tech startup I gotta think about looking the part.  But what is the part?  Hipster mama?  Not sure I can pull that off.  Norm-core mama?  Comfortable and inexpensive but...nope.  

The startup world is notoriously casual, but there is actually a lot of pressure to look "creatively professional."  So if I'm having one of those What On Earth Should I Wear? days I try to keep a few key pieces at my fingertips.

1. Slightly distressed jeans.  Emphasis on the slightly: the idea is to look a little bit subversive but still polished.  The price point on these Old Navy mid-rises is a no-brainer and they are universally flattering as advertised.  I like mine rolled up a bit at the ankle, the better to show off my...

2. ...Ankle boots!  I have been searching for a fun, pointy ankle boot with a heel I can actually trot in, and just the other day I found it!  I love the delicate cut of these, which can easily swing elegant with opaque black tights and a skirt.  But I will admit that the edgier wannabe in me was tempted by these as well.

3. Jeans and boots take care of the "casual" so now it's time to add the "professional".  This J. Crew shirt is perfection - worn under a cropped sweater (or boxy leather tee) it's the perfect layering piece, and I love the way the long cuffs peek out from the sleeves of my...

4. ...Favorite blazer.  'Nuff said.

5.  Still searching for the perfect bag to cart my laptop around in, but for the moment I'm settling for a cross-body bucket tote for essentials and a fabulous, clutch-looking case for my tech.  And anyone who reads these posts knows that I'm a sucker for a killer pair of...

6. ...Shades, and an outfit-making...