Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hi Everyone.  Happy Christmas Eve Eve. I hope you have all reached your final holiday destinations and are enjoying a little relaxation before the mayhem begins. Over the past couple of weeks I've shown you some concepts for the Urban Farmhouse project I'm working on in LA, first the kitchen, and then the master bath.  Next up is the kids' bathroom. My clients have a wee one currently (about Lucy's age) but in anticipation of at least one more child, the kids' bath has to be a fun space that makes sense for bathing, washing ittle dirty hands, potty training and the like.  Here are the two initial concepts that I presented to them.

Option 1 definitely has the fun factor with the utility sink and barn lights, but storage space was a bit of an issue here:

Option 2 has a fun green painted vanity with ample storage.  I kept a bit of that farmhouse character with horizontal plank paneling and a vessel trough sink:

 Option 3 is the final option that my clients decided on. It's similar to Option 2 but we eliminated the paneling (love it but figured it was best to use it in a more impactful area) and opted for two undermount sinks so that we could maximize counter space.

I can't wait to see this project get built. What sorts of big projects do you have slated for 2015?