China treasures

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, I went a little crazy at the Dirt Market in Beijing.  Panjiayuan, otherwise known as the Dirt Market (don't ask my why because the Chinese name doesn't mean that), is an outdoor antiques market that takes place on the weekends in Beijing.  You can find just about anything there - a lot of which is at this point not truly antique, but fun nonetheless. 

As I said I went a little crazy and ended up trekking around China with a big box.  But everything arrived on one piece.

Turqoise vases (yes, the wall sculpture still needs to be hung)

Yellow vase and crackleware ink container  and 3 new snuff bottles to add to the collection.  I decided to display them a little differently than before.  I think once the coffee table is painted cream, they'll show up a little better.


  1. love these latest posts jessica! wave hill was one of my very favorite places when i lived in ny. nice to see new pictures of it. such great views across the hudson.

    haven't been to mexicatessen yet - but we've hit the oinkster and the eagle rock brewery. love being in a new town and finding new eating places. so far so good in l.a.!


  2. Great looking group of snuff bottles !!

    I am really enjoying collecting these little beauties as well..

    We have several collectors that gather on my Snuff Bottle Discussion Forum.. If you enjoy sharing and learning with other collectors, would love to have you stop in... Here is the link for ya..