Headboard Headboard on the wall...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After a month or two of psyching myself up for hanging, the headboard has finally been hung in the master bedroom.  Credits:

Valley Forge - pleather
Stupid Amazon store - nailheads that ended up in three bandaged fingers
OOK - hanging cleats (remains to be seen how we feel about these)
Home Depot - wood, screws, brackets etc (in total 75 lbs on the wall)
Joanne Fabrics - batting, foam etc
Davis parents - lovely paint job that contrasts nicely with the white headboard

Lesson Learned: you can probaby purchase a similar headboard or have one made for just a tad more and save your fingers, time, weight, and end up with something a little more professional looking. And if you do decide to do it yourself, use a straightedge!


  1. Dear Bleeding Fingers, I'm impressed. you go girl!!!!!!!

  2. I love it! Great job!!! I thought you were not going to do the tufts! good job lady!