Curve Line Space

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So recently we attended the NELA Art Walk with a group of friends. The art walk occurs every second Saturday and consists of various galleries in the Eagle Rock and Highland Park area opening their doors to the public, serving drinks and being generally convivial.  This past one, we hit up Curve Line Space in Eagle Rock and Larkins (yum!) and then made it to the York for drinks.  Curve Line Space was featuring these great ink drawings by Greg Andrade which were actually done with roll-on deodorant applicators!  I was fortunate enough to meet Tim the owner of Curve Line Space and got the chance to talk to him about his gallery and framing shop, the types of work he collects, and being a creative person in our local community.  Here is what Tim said:
The Eagle's Nest: How did you get into the gallery business?  How has the artist and gallery community changed since you started?

Tim: I have a background in music and art.  The picture framing business has been my bread and butter business since 1993. So an art gallery just seemed like a natural addition to my over all business purpose which is to support the arts and bring a refined aesthetic into the community.
TEN: So, why Eagle Rock?

Tim: The time was right. I was in Glendale for nine years and my landlord wouldn't sell me the building. I moved to eagle rock in 2001 before it took off. I love the community feel of this town. Coming from a small town in the midwest, I'm used to knowing many local friends and families. Eagle rock has that small town feel in the middle of Los Angeles. Plus there's so many creative people in the area... artists, musicians, film folks. In Glendale i would get posters and commercial art for retail framing. Here there is such a great understanding of fine art and popular culture i really feel at home.

TEN: What made you decide to focus on drawing and graphite?

Tim: I tend to be interested in many things and like to dig deep into any subject mater of interest.  I am also a musician so i felt that i wanted to limit the gallery to a very simple and honest medium - in this way there would be less areas to require attention and deal with as a gallery.  I'm a total minimalist so keeping the gallery closely defined as to medium also allows me better focus.
TEN: Do you have any suggestions for younger folks who want to start collecting art but are limited in funds?

Tim: Buy art that moves you emotionally.  There are so many talented unknown artists who sell their pieces for the down low.  Also check out the art school sales.  Art Center has a student art sale every year and I've found many treasures there.  Look at the piece of art as an investment not in traditional terms but rather as an expression of aesthetics.  Really tune yourself to the particular wave length of a piece of art and discover if it aligns with your own unique viewpoint.  If you aren't yet in touch with your viewpoint, there are many galleries and museums, books and what not to form your own opinion  This is the purpose of art - to communicate a wave length - but to receive that wave length i feel that the person must quiet their own thoughts and really vibe with the art work. This is true for music, dance, sculpture...
 Thanks Tim!  Can't wait to see what Curve Line Space has up its sleeve next.