Hamper Time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The laundry storage situation at the Ahnert Davis household is rather bleak.  As you can see from the photo below, we have the foldable laundry bag hamper from our Brooklyn days, a cheap plastic (and broken) laundry basket, the IKEA "bug" hamper which we use to tote the laundry to and from the laundry room (because the plastic basket is broken) and pile of dry cleaning on the floor (which Floopy has claimed as a bed).
Since we're on our way to making our bedroom into a space that is more worthy of the 8+ hours a day we spend in it, I think something has to happen with the hampers, stat.  And since I already separate the whites and colors as the laundry accumulates, a multiple basket arrangement seems appropriate.  Something that doesn't scream "LAUNDRY" would also be nice.  And of course, with self-imposed austerity measures in place and a general aversion to paying an arm and a leg for a laundry receptacle, the solution must be inexpensive.  Here are some options I found:
Willow laundry basket from Pier 1. A steal at $12.48.  The cloth liner is useful, but it does sort of emphasize the laundry-ness.
Water Hyacinth laundry basket from Pier 1.  $20. Less laundry like and nice structure.
Large Curved Basket from West Elm. $54
Ikat Woven Basket from West Elm. $39-$59.  I am in love with these but in the end they're just too small for laundry
Bolga Basket from Bamboula.  $36. I love the leather handle and the rustic look.
Market Basket from Bamboula.  $36.  A more colorful version of the same thing.

Industrial Mesh Hamper from CB2. $49.95.  Good volume but maybe shows a little too much of the laundry contents.  And too industrial for our room.
Rio Collapsible Storage Basket from World Market.  $17.99. Definitely fun and well priced but since there is no size shown, I'll have to check it out in person. And perhaps it's a little dorm room-ish.
Cornelia Totes from World Market $14.99.  Again a great price - and fun colors!
Red Rim Basket from Wisteria Home.  $79.00.  I like this route and it would look great in the laundry room but not so much in our bedroom.

Which one (or two) gets your vote?


  1. I like the large curved basket from West Elm, or the Cornelia Totes from World Market :)

  2. I'm a big fan of the lidded wicker baskets so you can leave them out and it still looks neat. Plus, you have a built-in anti-procrastination tool if you make a rule for yourself that the lid always has to close and no dirty laundry can hang out. That was the only thing that helped me tame the laundry beast that would grow in my closet each week... :P

    I got mine from world market but I don't see it on their site anymore. Derp.

  3. if mine had lids the lids would be on the floor, or scott's laundry would be perpetually on top of the lids. He can barely get it in there without the lids. For some reason it's always draped over the side or on the floor next to the basket.