Weekend Sign Off

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, it's another weekend chalk full of activities.  At what age does it end up that your weekend itinerary ends up jam packed and you're scheduling things out a month or six in advance?  Between traveling, visits from friends (this is not a dig at my friends - please keep visiting), and trips to the hardware store, it seems like an entire month's worth of weekends can get gobbled up in no time (well, in a month...).  How I long for a weekend of no plans, a jaunt in the garden, a run, some lounging, impromptu brunch.....  "Impromptu" ... what does that word mean?
Photo by pfala on Flickr


  1. well here in BIG D we've had an "impromptu" BREAK! A forced break,,,,ice/snow. We've been home for four days! JUST wait 'til you add kids to the mix,,,,weekends are MORE than crazy! Parties, sports events, etc...

    Hope you are doing well! Tell you family Hi!

  2. At Loel - I can only imagine. I saw photos of the snow today. It's crazy! It never snowed like that in the years I lived in Dallas.