Dale Frank

Friday, February 11, 2011

Loving his artwork. I wish I could get this kind of viscous quality in my paintings. I suppose I could, if I had a lot of floor space and a lot of linseed oil. I've discovered that adding turpentine just creates skinny little drips, not big fun globs.  How dramatic would one of Dale's works look in a large scale high ceilinged interior with an eclectic mix of furniture?


  1. these paintings are gorgeous! they got better and better as i scrolled down. if you like these you might also like Mary Zeran's. She stops by Passage Paradis from time to time.

    OMG where have I been this last while! So many great posts here, the cat litter box just MIGHT change my life! I have a least one critter who might actually use it! Thanks for the shoutout earlier!!!!

    Love what you did w/ the b/r and congrats on the shop, the bedding line and the giant arugula! (I tried to grow some in NJ and it went STRAIGHT to seed. Actually winter in LA is the perfect temp for it!) More soon. Kevin and I are talking about getting together sometime soon. Do you want to join us?

  2. Mlle - would love to get together with you and Kevin!!!

  3. Hi again J., I suggested Wed. nite dinner in my neighborhood Silver Lake this week but the following might be better for all and days are more doable then. Let me know!


  4. oh yeah oops! - i suggested to kevin!