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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

After watching the Green Grocer Episode of BBC's Mary Queen of Shops on a recent business trip, I got super excited about the idea of local, seasonal, organic produce delivered fresh to your door.  Prior to now I had been shopping the farmers' market located below my office which was convenient for sure. But lately there's been a lot of hype about these farmers markets not actually selling local or organic and just getting their produce from large distribution centers.  Farm Fresh to You to the Rescue!
Started in 1992 by Kathy Barsotti and her farm in the Capay Valley near the Bay Area, the service has now expanded to the LA region and provides fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from the Imperial Valley and other areas surrounding the LA area.  What I love about Farm Fresh thus far is that it delivers, so it's super convenient (deliveries are made in the morning prior to leaving for work) and it's super customizable.  Items are loaded on the truck that morning so everything is super fresh.  You can go to their website and change your deliveries, the size of your box and delete items that might not suit your taste (or your food allergies).  You can see what area your foods are coming from online and hold deliveries for when you'll be out of town.  Not only that but the website is chock full (thanks Mom for the spelling correction :) of useful information including recipes for your local seasonal fare.  Each time you get a box, it includes a newsletter about current produce and what's coming up. 
Now, those of you who know me, know that I just can't bring myself to pay premium for Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck) items, even though I love that place.  FFTY is great because it's economical.  Just $31.50 twice a month for the regular sized box perfect for feeding two people.  Better yet, if you mention the promo code 6164 when you sign up and mention my name (Jessica Davis), you'll get $5 off your first delivery!
Happy farm fresh eating and cooking!

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