Fiberglass Wicker

Friday, May 27, 2011

So if you recall, our breakfast room looks like this  I think I have decided to do white cabinets and maybe grey or charcoal walls.
We are getting this tulip-style round table from CB2 delivered this weekend.
I would like to eventually put in a L-shaped bench seat against the window and the wall.  We would then need two fun chairs to put at the table to complete the look. No, I am not keeping the black leather deals that I got from my old office. They could be nice to paint and reupholster, but the way these babies are constructed they are not a DIY job. So craigslist, here they come.  Now, on to the new chairs. I think some fiberglass wicker numbers in a fun color could be just what the doctor ordered.  Beach Bungalow 8 recently featured them over on her blog and had some fun concept images:
My friend Leigh forwarded me two manufacturers of fiberglass images.  Their images are not quite so fun - well perhaps fun in a retro / ironic sort of way. But the pricing seems pretty reasonable.

Master Wicker
and Mr. Mom's Wicker

What are your thoughts?

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