Kitchen thoughts?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So this is what our kitchen looks like currently.
Future renovations include replacing the contractor floor tiles, adding a hood over our awesome vintage stove, getting a new fridge, replacing the counter tops (white carrara perhaps?), putting in a subway tile backsplash, new lighting (ugh, it's so dim) and adding a window seat in the breakfast nook.  And I've got plans for a Saarinen style tulip table and new chairs coming soon.  In the meantime a coat of paint will have to do the job.  I've been following a few blogs where folks have had the black vs. white cabinet debate. I too am having a similar issue.  I'm thinking I may go grey on the walls.  White cabinets?  Black cabinets? A combination on upper and lower?  White in the kitchen and black in the china cabinet area?  I think the grey will go on the back of the glass cabinets as well. Will the black look strange as the crown continues around the room? Or should we go with a different shade of grey on the cabinets?
So many options.  I need some help. Let me know what you think.


  1. All inspiration pictures are so beautiful! Great picks. Regarding suggestion for your kitchen, because I am partial to an all white kitchen, I say go all white because it's timeless and classic. And if you want to do upper white and lower black cabinets, make sure your kitchen has lots of natural light or be prepared to installed lots of recessed lights and pendant lights combinations. If you plan to have a kitchen island, then, maybe you can have that one in black and other cabinets white. Personally, I love white carrara marble countertops and blacksplash but yet have the kitchen of my dreams yet. And if you intend to do upper black cabinets, the best thing to do is to install black crown molding as well. :)

    And I think a bench seating in the breakfast nook is a fabulous idea.

    Can't wait to see the kitchen makeover and the Saarinen style table and chairs!


  2. I seriously LOVE the image with the chalkboard on the refrigerator!

  3. If lighting is limited, I suggest sticking with light (white) cabinets...although you could do a combination and do darker on the bottom if you want. Canadian designer Sarah Richardson is famous for doing two-toned cabinets in slightly darker shades (nothing extremely contrasting, like from white on top to black on bottom) that I've seen anyways.... check her out.

  4. Thanks Krystal - I love Sarah Richardson and have been watching her shows for a while. I think we might go grey. Just saw a photo of a light dove grey on cabinets that was very nice... and then a slightly darker dove grey on the china cabinet.

  5. I love white kitchens, but the black cabinets in these pic are really growing on me. I'd just be afraid I would get tired of them and want o paint them white. What about black lowers and white uppers. Hmmmm..I'd go to Ben and colorize your kitchen with their color viewer to test it out, thats what I do when I can't decide. And I love gray and white.
    COngrats! That is awesome news, I have 2 boys and they are so much fun. Yay! what a fun little "project" you have coming!

  6. Love all the ideas especially the chairs and the industrial lights, also the subway have great taste:)

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  8. I love the black cabinets with the glass tiles. I painted my cabinets black that were a blaa woodgrain that looked liked a plain box. I added molding around the doors and painted all cabinets black. Painted the walls a "Manhattan Mist" grey, white counters and couldn't change the flooring which is white and the hardware changed to brushed nickel "bar" handles. I love it as does everyone else that has seen it. Very modern looking and up to date. Oh yes, I put red accessories around the kitchen to make it pop.